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Welcome to Indo DNA Diagnostics Labs

Indo DNA Diagnostics Labs is the First Private DNA Paternity Testing company in India. It is the 1st company in India to use a novel technology of sample collection through 'Mouth Swabs' for DNA analysis. Hence, it offers accredited and legally defensible tests that are far more convenient and dignified than the accepted standards of using blood or urine for DNA tests. It is proud to be the quickest in the country by providing test results within 5 days of receiving the samples.

A DNA Test is a scientific process that can ensure positive identity. Our DNA Paternity testing is the most accurate currently available and can prove identity or paternity with up to 99.999% accuracy. Our accurate resulting process provides us with a 100% accurate track record.

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DNA Paternity Testing involves a Simple 3 step procedure

1. Order Test Online

You will be booked an appointment with a doctor in one of our partners, hospitals/clinics for collecting the DNA mouth swab samples.

2. Swab Check, Return Kit

The doctor/nurse will swab the cheek of the concerned individuals and send it to our laboratory for testing.

3. Results in 7 Days

Results will be sent to the doctor within 7-10 days of receiving the samples.


"It was the best thing I could have done to put my mind at ease."

DNA Test Services

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DNA Extraction Study

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